Mayor Janson Durinkin
Hill Dwarf
Mayor Janson has been the mayor for almost 30 years, and has never lost an election. He also has some merchant connections on the side that provide him with a comfortable income. Although there have always been allegations of graft throughout the years, no one really worries about it even if it is true.
The Mayor is very good at making people like him, and that is how he survives. Even those who oppose him politically tend to like him personally. Many are the times that he has been able to use a glib speech to swing the populace to him.
In appearance, the Mayor is an old graybeard, always finely dressed. He walks with a spring in his step despite his age and is smiling unless something worrisome is happening. He always has a kind word for everyone.

Sherrif Albert Johnson
Sherriff Johnson has been a lawman all his life, and even though he is now in his early 70s, he has no intention of stopping. A tough man who has seen a lot, he was a soldier during the end of the Civil War and earned his job here from that service.
The Sherriff is a hard but fair man. He is rarely in town, leaving that to the watch. He concentrates on the farms and homesteads that surround the town and seeing to their protection. With the recent rise in traffic in town, he has also taken to patrolling the road more. However, on those occasions that he is in town, he has been known to crack down on lawlessness amongst the sailors and dockmen.

Johann Jantze
Johann runs the Salty Shanty, a bar next to the docs. The Shanty is a rough and tumble bar, but does a very brisk business because of the sailors who come to town. Johann is a former mercenary, and many rumors exist that he was also involved in some more nefarious businesses. Never a handsome man, at some point in the past he suffered a severe facial wound that left him badly scarred. He is not pleasant to look at, and can be unpleasant to deal with as well.
Johann is not a nice guy, but he runs a good place. He doesn’t care what people do as long as they pay their tab and avoid damaging his bar. He has an opinion about anything and everything, and he will express it loudly. However, he is also smart enough to listen to everyone that comes to his place, and often has better news of what is happening in the world than anyone else. News he will happily share with those who patronize his establishment.

Frieda Thistleton
Half Folk
Frieda runs the Kicking Mule Inn. Her establishment caters to the locals, bringing in entertainment when she can get it and maintained a relatively quiet bar. Merchants and farmers rent the rooms she has available. She tries to avoid trouble of any kind.
Frieda is extremely gregarious, and will strike up a conversation with anyone about anything at any time. Everyone in town knows her well, and a lot owe her minor favors. She is happy to spot someone for a bill once in a while when times are hard. At least a few folks have avoided a night in the town jail because she agreed to not press charges too. Her good will is not unlimited, but she is usually willing to do a small favor for anyone. It is understood that she may ask for a favor in return if she needs it.

Florin Mapleleaf
Urbanic Elf
Florin runs the third inn in town, the Delicate Dancer. Florin is an entertainer in his own right and is quite good at it. He opened the Dancer primarily to give himself and his friends a place to perform. The Dancer caters to those who have the money to get special service. Only the best in food and entertainment is there. His business caters mostly to ship captains, wealthy merchants and the occasional noble passing through town.
Florin is very aloof except to fellow performers or patrons of the arts. To them he is the height of politeness and friendliness. He is demanding of his staff and insists on everything being perfect in his establishment. Those who can afford his services will receive only the best, but he is only interested in those who can pay the price and have the culture to appreciate them.

Frederick Johnson
Frederick is the Sheriff’s brother and a successful merchant. The family has been in Fallwater Bay for a long time, and Frederick inherited the business after his brother went off to war.
Frederick is not a friendly type, and has a reputation for driving a hard bargain. However, he is also very good at finding rare and exotic objects when no one else can. He can be charming at times, but he has few friends and many acquaintences in town.
Recently, Frederick brought in several relatives to help run his merchant business. The relatives have become the subject of a lot of discussion. They are quite uncouth and many refert to them as thugs instead of laborers. However, they have not been caught commiting any outright crimes and no on wants to create trouble with the Sherriff’s brother.

Skandor Stonefriend
Hill Dwarf
Skandor is one of the better wizards in town. However, his real interest is his merchant business. Skandor came to Fallwater Bay 20 years ago when he realized it would be a good spot for contact with a lot of different ships without a lot of interference. His merchant business specializes in the importation and exportation of manufactured goods. He also owns a massive fish salting and smoking business and a small brewery where he prepares food and drink for the ships that come and go. His business gives him the time to experiment with new devices and experiment with his magic.
Skandor is personally nice, but tends to be distracted. This, combined with his hearing loss, leads a lot of the locals to find him standoffish. Those who get to know him realize he is a smart merchant, but with some crazy ideas about how things work.

Filderton Crane
The Cranes have been in the region for over 200 years. Filderton is the latest in a line of merchants specializing in buying and selling to the local farmers. He has a large mill and warehouse and does a good business in exporting flour and other produce to the bigger cities and importing equipment for the farmers as well.
Filderton is in many ways ill suited to be a merchant, in that he is timid in nature and abhors conflict of any kind. He is quite nice and is good at talking things out, but he can be bullied and everyone knows it. As a result, he makes a lot less money than his business otherwise might. But, even with that, he is still able to provide a good living for himself and his family. His reputation for honesty and kindness is unrivalled and any of the local farmers will go to him if then need a little help, knowing he will almost certainly give it.

Liandra Pembroke
Liandra serves Mother Water, but also honors Father Water. She keeps a small shrine on the docs, and survives on the offerings of the sailors seeking blessings for their journeys. She is also acknowledged as an excellent healer.
Liandra tries to embody the lifegiving of Mother Water. She is very kind to all unless given a reason to not be. However, she can be hard on those who make trouble for her, and then her honor of Father Water comes forward.
Liandra is a middle aged woman, but is still in remarkable shape. Some have claimed that she takes care of the sailors who come to her temple in ways that are not spiritual, but no proof has even been found and no sailor has ever come forward to admit to it.

Sylvari Elf
Melterian has been around the region longer than most can remember. He is unusual amongst his race in that he serves the Farmer. He is a solitary wander, surviving by hunting. He emerges from time to time to help local farmers and woodsmen and to instruct on the ways of the farmer to those who will listen.
Melterian is not friendly, even to those he helps. He hates to speak to others, except when required. The only topics he shows passion for are the teachings of the farmer and things that threaten the land.

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