The Chronicles of Fallwater Bay

The Fallwater Gazette No. 1

All the news that's fit to print

The Fallwater Gazette
Farmer Silas Pinter complained that 4 of his sheep have recently been eaten by what appears to be a wild bear. Silas claims that over forestation is causing the wildlife to move into the farmlands and eat livestock. Local lumbermen have denied that they are causing any problems.

With the recent escape of Prester Bergman from what appears to be a group of smugglers, allegations have run wild. Several persons have alleged that Sherriff Johnson knows more than he is revealing. The Sherriff has stated that he organized a posse as quickly as he could, but that by the time he arrived, the smugglers, already alerted by the actions of local adventurers, had made good their escape. However, their leaving behind a prisoner who could identify them and the apparent lack of loot left behind seem, to this reporter, unusual.

Speaking of the smuggler controversy, Shipping magnate Alexander Tremont has stated that despite the issues with his new “estate”, he intends to remain in the region and pursue his business interests. We certainly hope he can bring more money to the town.

Two fishing skiffs have recently returned much the worse for wear. In both cases, the crew maintained that something in the ocean had tried to smash their boat from below. So far, however, there have been no confirmed sightings of whatever caused the damage.

Two minor instances of vandalism have been reported at the main cemetery. The town guard has not been able to determine who was responsible for the vandalism, but they are confident that it is not a matter of public safety. Juvenile pranks are suspected.

The crews of the merchant ships Pembroke and D’Estaigne came to blows in an unusually large brawl on the docks. The crew of the Pembroke claimed that two of their members had disappeared, and suspected the crew of the D’Estaigne of foul play. The captain of the D’Estaigne asserted his men had done nothing untoward. The guard was eventually able to restore order and the Pembroke left on the next tide two men short.

Mark Kalsbeck is pleased to announce his betrothal to the widow Mary Beckham. Readers will remember that Mary is the wife of Hank Beckham, who was killed four years ago in a duel. We wish the happy couple all the best.

Lord Harris, responding to rumors of an orcish incursion, recently launched a major patrol of the northern woods. Lord Harris reports no signs of Orcs in the woods.



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